Advance Driving School

Our Approach

Tailored Lessons

We believe every driver is different and therefore tailor our lessons to suit individual ability

You Do the Driving

Our approach is based on adult learning principles whereby individuals best acquire knowledge and skills through action learning. We strongly believe that learners should learn through actual driving rather than traditional methods of instruction and theory often used by some driving schools.

Safety First

We believe in teaching our students safe and defensive driving skills that go beyond the mastery of road rules. Our vehicles also come equipped with dual control brakes and clutch control. While we refrain from using our dual control systems unless there is an absolute need, you can rest assured that our instructors are well equipped to ensure your safety and that of others.

Patient Instructors

With over 25 years of experience, our instructors understand that learning to drive is a challenging process. Our instructors have a patient teaching style and are committed to building your ability, confidence and comfort with driving.

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